Making Games a Passion


During our time at the MHMK we finished several projects and assignments. We are proud of being able to work with various partners and customers coming from the media landscape. The projects range from concept design, art and visualisation in short movies up to marketing strategies and consulting and last but not least: Games.
To get an overview of some past projects feel free to visit the project section right below.


'We invent and produce games that guarantee fun to all people involved in them. From their concept to their final release. Our passion becomes everybody's delight.'


Our team consists of a number of Game Design students at the Macromedia University of Applied Sciences. We are currently spread over three different semesters. Every one of us has different abilities and skills to offer, thus contributing with whatever he can do best. All this variety adds up to diverse ideas and visual looks, assuring that no movie or game ever feels the same.


'Emma-Anne' (working-title!) is a jump-and-run-platformer for a multinational company that produces large-bore diesel engines and turbomachinery for marine and stationary applications. The Player assists our main character Emma-Anne in completing a variety of missions in different parts of the world. He visits different biomes and overcomes a number of obstacles with the power of air. The key of cracking the highscore in this game is fast reaction and skill. The Game is probably going tob e released within the first quarter of 2015 under a mobile service app of our customer. Watch the trailer!


'BeBot' is a science-fiction 2D-platformer developped for a company, that produces high-quality bearings on an international level. The story of the game takes place in the future where the energy for our earth is entirely dependent on a large space-station in the planet‘s orbit. As a comet hits the station the robot named BeBot has to overcome a disaster and save the planet. The game was developped in the Unity 3D games engine and entirely produced within the University by our team. Check out the Trailer here or play it right away with a click on this link!

'Blood God'

'Blood God' is an ARG (alternate reality game) where the player takes part in a satanic storyline circling around the "Fraternity of pure blood". The cult is trying to summon a demon called 'Damel'. To achieve this they have to complete a series of ritual murders that have been taking place over decades. The players participating in this ARG have to help Hannah Klemm, an insider of said cult, in gathering evidence of the cults‘ plans for the last murder and prevent the reawakaning of the demon. As such the players are forced to work together, both online as well as in real life. By solving all puzzles and mysteries around the Fraternity of pure blood, the game leads you to a sercret location, where the final events take their course. Watch the teaser!


The science-fiction shortmovie 'Points' was a project submitted for the Macromedia Future Award in the 2039, Gamification-Contest. The entire movie from its concept up to its final rendering was made within 72 hours. The story takes place in the year 2039, where society is gaining points by actions that are good for the commonweal. These points work as a secondary currency to acquire higher social status and additional possibilities. However in this dystopy there are people that try to escape the system... The movie won the award in the category 'Best Visual'. Link to the movie!